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Napa Valley Vibes Bootcamp and Wine Tasting

  • 1870 W. Zinfandel Ln St. Helena, CA 94574 (map)

2 Day Bootcamp with Wine Tasting! At Adler Deutsch Vineyard

This is a first for vibesworkshop. Vibe players pop up in the strangest placests. Bob Adler is a vibe player who owns a vineyard and offered to host a workshop weekend with wine tasting!

A Vibesworkshop Bootcamp is a very intense and fun experience. The goal is to give you as much information as we can. Then you take it home with ways to practice it and you practice!


Bootcamp Workshops by:


Tony Miceli

Internationally renowned vibraphonist Tony Miceli has been performing steadily on the jazz scene since 1980.  In All About Jazz, Vic Schermer describes him as ... “a vibraphonist of astonishing virtuosity, musical resilience, and inventiveness. His vibes playing is nothing short of phenomenal.”
Tony is also the founder of
Tony endorses: Malletech, Mike Balter, Alternate Mode, Beiner Bags



Anthony Smith

Vibraphonist/pianist/ composer Anthony Smith has performed, recorded and taught music for the past thirty years. In New York City, he led numerous groups and also wrote Masters of the Vibes: Conversations with Great, Living Jazz Vibraphonists, Anthony returned to Southern California, where he now teaches at San Diego State University. He also has performed, taught and presented lectures in Europe. Anthony endorses Malletech instruments.



Workshop ateendees will receive the following:

  • Study Guides for each class - Some of the study guides will be from our book 'The Big Book of Vibe Playing'.
  • IF YOU SIGN UP BEFORE MAY 1, 2018 YOU GET 1 Copy of the Masters of the Vibes Book ($50 Value)
  • 1 David Friedman - Tony Miceli "4,052 Miles" (Vibe duo recording)
  • A wine tasting at the end of each day. (Must be of legal drinking age and have i.d.

Students - this is a great opportunity for your parents as well! They can drop you off and then they can travel around to the different Vineyards in the area! If you are underaged your parents can sample the wine instead at the vineyard.

Here are the topics we cover in our bootcamps.

  • Grips
  • Stricking the Bars
  • Mallets
  • Warmups
  • Dampening
  • Pedalins
  • Independence
  • Open Closed Voicings
  • Rootless voicings
  • Advanced Voicings
  • Ear Training
  • Blues Scale
  • Transcribing
  • Chords and Scales
  • Modes and How to Practice Them
  • Technique
  • Chord Tone Solos
  • Convertin Chords to lines
  • Counter Point
  • Solo Playing
  • Chord Melodies
  • Learning Tunes
  • Mics and Pickups

As the date gets closer we will plan out the classes and the exact topics we will be covering.