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Vibes Workshop In Champagne en Valromey, France Featuring David Friedman, Tony Miceli and David Patrois

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  • This is an incredible workshop up in the mountains of France. I can't tell you how beautiful this town is. I think the population is just a few hundred people.
  • We eat all organic locally produced food every day prepared by the townspeople. It's an amazing experience.

The Workshop Layout

The workshop is broken up into 2 parts. You can do one part or both parts.

Part One of the Workshop. July 13-15, 2018 Sign up before May for 150€. After that it will change to 180€ - Food is 60€

The vibe workshop intensive will take place from July 13-15th. It will feature David Friedman, Tony Miceli and David Patrois. There will also be a concert featuring the teachers. We will work hard all day give you plenty of information to take home and to continue working on! David Friedman will teach during part 1 of the 2 part workshop.

Part Two of the Workshop. July 16-21 Sign up before May for 220€. After May 1 it's 260€ - Food is 100€

This part goes from July 16th through the 21st. This is agreat second part of the workshop but musicians playing all instruments will come for this. So there will be ensembles. I'm not sure how many vibe players they will take for this part, last year we had 4. During this week we have amazing concerts around the nearby villages. There was a concert last year on top of a mountain at star observatory. After the performance we had a presentation from an astronomer.


If you are attending the workshop email me at I will put you in touch with the woman in charge of the workshop and she help you with housing. There are a couple hotels nearby. There's also housing with families. Also as I get info on housing I'll post it here.

Read the form. The link is below. It explains the housing. Email Constance at


There's a form I you can fill out. The form is in French and English Click here to get those forms. Otherwise you can email Tony miceli for payment options.